2012 Conference

A letter from the President:

Over the last several weeks, I’ve fielded a number of questions from many of you regarding our 2012 conference. As I’ve discussed with many of you privately, we’ll be taking a different approach to our conference this year.

We will be meeting this year with PRPD in Las Vegas, September 11-14. The idea of meeting with PRPD has been floated for several years. The two organizations began exploring the possibilities last year, and have agreed to work together to develop a strong and robust music track for this year’s conference.

With that in mind, we are very interested in your feedback regarding the content for the sessions. You’ll be given the opportunity within the next few days to respond to a survey asking what topics you’d like to see covered at the conference.

The board and I are excited about the opportunities this collaborative effort can present. All we need is you! Please be prepared to respond to the survey that will be coming your way–and make your plans to attend!

David Duff, President
Association of Music Personnel in Public Radio

UPDATE 4/30/12: AMMPR members need not join PRPD to participate. The PRPD member rate for the conference will be extended to all current AMPPR members.

  • Jim Kehoe
    #1 written by Jim Kehoe 3 years ago

    keep us posted on conference 2012. thank you

  • Marisa Waddell
    #2 written by Marisa Waddell 3 years ago

    Do you know when and where the 2012 conference will be?

  • wooddm
    #3 written by wooddm 3 years ago

    Details about our joint venture with the PRPD conference are now on the Conference 2012 page.

  • Thank you
    #4 written by Thank you 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot! This a terrific web site!

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