Bill McGloughlin Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from AMPPR President David Duff

The Association of Music Personnel in Public Radio, an organization dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of broadcast music, is very pleased to announce the latest recipient of its Lifetime Achievement Award. Given at AMPPR’s annual conference, held this year at the studios of New York Public Radio, the award went to veteran musician, conductor, composer and broadcaster, Bill McGloughlin.

Born in Philadelphia in 1943, McGloughlin has enjoyed and long, diverse and extremely busy career in music. Allowed as a boy to study piano when his older brother abruptly quit a series of prepaid lessons, he quickly decided that a life in music was what he wanted. Taking up trombone in high school led ultimately to McGloughlin’s appointment as assistant principal in the Philadelphia Orchestra after his 1967 graduation from Temple University. Orchestral playing gave way to conducting studies and successful tenures as music director of orchestras throughout the U.S., including twelve years with the Kansas City Symphony and seven years as conductor of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. One of the hallmarks of his years as music director and conductor is his enthusiasm and support for the music of living composers. So it is appropriate that, in 1998, McGloughlin turned his focus to composition. This, too, proved (and continues to prove) a rich field for his amazingly diverse talent to cultivate. His writing has been applauded by critic and casual listener alike, beginning with his well-received first major project, Three Dreams and a Question: Choral Songs on e.e. cummings.

It is through his radio career, though, that Bill McGloughlin has been able to share his incredible knowledge of and passion for music with the greatest audience. Substitute hosting of Garrison Keillor’s morning classical music program on Minnesota Public Radio began a process leading to the creation of St. Paul Sunday, a beloved feature on public radio stations nationwide since its national debut (as St. Paul Sunday Morning) in 1981. Bill McGloughlin’s incredibly knowledgeable but always inviting and warm presence can now also be heard on “Exploring Music,” a daily program begun in 2002 in which he guides listeners to discover the heart, soul and humor of the music he plays.