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2012 Conference, New Yellow Pages, And AMPPR Webinars

Conference Is Coming

Details about the 2012 Conference will be available soon.  Keep checking back here or the 2012 Conference page for more information.

A New Kind of Yellow

We are currently migrating the old AMPPR Yellow Pages to a Wiki format.  The old site was cumbersome to navigate and update. We hope this new format will allow for constant updating. Assistance is needed in filling in the details about labels, organizations, and any other resources pertinent to public radio music personnel. It is a true Wiki, so anyone can edit the information.

Taking It to the Web

And finally, the AMPPR board is looking into the possibility of hosting an ongoing series of webinars on subjects useful to all of us. If you would like to suggest a topic for discussion or possible speakers, comment on this post.


2011 Conference Session Recordings

Audio Recordings of Sessions from AMPPR’s 2011 Public Radio Music Conference held in New York, NY in March 2011 – Click the session title to listen in a new browser window:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Going Local: The Community Engagement Session – Part One
Engagement with your community goes beyond simple outreach. Learn how to best engage with your community.

Going Local: The Community Engagement Session – Part Two
Part two of the “Going Local” session.

Lunch Presentation sponsored by Broadcast Data Consultants
Discussion of The Music Librarian software.

Working cooperatively with other Stakeholders – Part One
Musicians’ unions, publishers, publicists–they all play a part in what we do. How can we work together most effectively?

Working cooperatively with other Stakeholders – Part Two
Part two of the session.

Enhancing Revenue
How do we secure foundation support? What are the best practices for using the internet do develop membership and fundraising? These and other ways to expand our revenue base will be explored.

Still have reporting issues and questions? Phil Johnson answers all your questions!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Special appearance by Angele Dubeau & Presentation of Lifetime Achievement Award

Thinking Outside the Jewel Case – Part One
Acquiring, developing and using original proprietary content; reaching niche audiences; how to create and use “destination programming.”

Thinking Outside the Jewel Case – Part Two
Part two of the session.

What do we do with Living Composers?
Why we shouldn’t be afraid to play music of composers who are alive today; becoming familiar with current composers and music that are radio-friendly

Concert of music by living composers featuring performers Caroline Stinson, Maria Bachmann and Jon Klibonoff, and Philip Edward Fischer

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