The Association of Music Personnel in Public Radio is a national organization representing public radio stations that feature music as a regular part of their program schedule. At this time, our membership list includes over 600 individuals at more than 330 public stations. Our roster of associate members numbers more than 180, including representatives of National Public Radio, Public Radio International, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Deutsche Welle, Radio Netherlands, the British Broadcasting Corporation, as well as numerous national and international record and program producers.

The goals of the Association include the promotion of the broadcasting of music on public radio stations, enhancement of the audience for music on publicradio, collecting research on music and music programming, the dissemination of such information to AMPPR members through Music Notes (the AMPPR newsletter) and national meetings, and to enhance the role of music personnel in public radio by providing educational resource opportunities in the form of national conferences.

Incorporated under its current name in Washington D.C. in 1982, AMPPR is the successor to a number of similar organizations representing educational, and now public radio stations. The group’s primary activity is to organize and present the annual Music Personnel Conference which is based in a different city each year.

The Association collects a nominal annual membership fee to support its activities. There is no paid staff, and all work is done by volunteer officers and board members (in addition to their regular station duties.) There is no permanent headquarters. The organization leadership can be contacted through AMPPR President David Duff or its various board members.

  • Carl Watanabe
    #1 written by Carl Watanabe 3 years ago

    Capital Public Radio has a full time classical host position open in Sacramento California. How best to distribute information to AMPPR personnel?


    Carl Watanabe
    Station Manager

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